Tips on How to Pack Your Cabin Bag for a Vacation of 20 Days or more:

Tips on How to Pack Your Cabin Bag for a Vacation of 20 Days or more:


Check airline cabin bag weight and size allowance, this applies to both international airlines and airlines domestically throughout your trip.

When selecting your cabin bag please be mindful of weight.

Most structured cabin bags are 2-4 kilograms.

As most airline’s allowable weight for cabin bags is 7kilos, this limits your contents weight to just 3-5 kilograms 😩😩😩

Check also if the overall allowance includes a handbag or if this is considered extra luggage and therefore not allowable.



Pack garments that are multifunctional and not just ‘one off’ wearables.

Pack in 2 groups. Necessities and Accessories 

Choose a colour palette of one or two colours to coordinate your entire travel wardrobe.

Add contrasting colours in light weight accessories (shirts, scarves, jewellery) 

Use these accessories to interchange with your travel wardrobe to create new ‘looks’.

No matter how long you are intending to travelling.

Pack a complete outfit (not including shoes) for each of 5 days,

Use this as your packing guide. 

If you travel for more than 5 days just repeat the sequence.

EG: Day 1 becomes Day 6  Day 2 becomes Day 7 and so on.

Travel Dressing is unlike your day to day at home //work and social dressing.

Wearing the same outfit several times is fine.

Just up-style with accessories.

Choose light weight breathable fabric in garments that are comfortable and easy care. 

Test that your fabric can be ‘spot cleaned’ and dried off with a hairdryer.

A ‘must’ when you are on the run!

Unless you are travelling to visit and stay with friends for an extended time the need to take extra outfits is unnecessary, usually on holiday you don’t see the same people over and over again. 

Anyway who cares if they recognise that you wear the same outfit more than once?

I need to reinforce that you select fabrics in your garments that are breathable and easy care. I recommend plant-based viscose, its breathable quality makes it perfect for travelling in all climates.



Underwear. You just need to take x 3 lightweight easy to launder items (my preference is lace and my motto is “One on one off and one in the wash!”

This applies to bras, panties, camisoles and socks.

Pyjamas: 2x pairs of pjs or night dresses in easy care fabric

(light weight cotton or viscose).



3 x colour coordinating tee shirts and / or tank tops in light weight easy care fabric that dries overnight.

(In winter substitute with 2 x long sleeve tees and 2x fine knit merino sweaters ).

2-3 easy care shirts that can be worn buttoned or open as a jacket over a tee or tank.

(In winter substitute with 2 x winter weight shirts to wear under sweaters).

1-2 swimming suits and a coordinated sarong.

(In winter substitute with 2 pairs of thermal tights and long sleeve underwear).

1-2 pairs of linen or silk pants in a colour to match your travel wardrobe.

(In winter leather or woollen pants are best)



Wear your bulkiest shoes on the flight ( walking shoes)

Take a pair of light weight wedges that will take you from day to night.

Add a pair of light weight beach shoes that can be worn in the water,

(In winter wear ankle boots on the flight and throughout your holiday and pack durable walking shoes and winter weight socks) .



Too many items add to your overall weight.

Limit to:

Small sized, deodorant, toothpaste, moisturiser, fragrance, liquid foundation.

Combo compact of blusher/ highlighter/eye shadow plus mascara and eyeliner, lip-gloss plus various shades in lip pencils ( by outlining your lips with coloured lip pencil and blending onto the lips over a neutral lip gloss you avoid the need to pack several bulky tubes of lipstick)

Leave your body moisturiser at home and stock up at the drug store on arrival at your destination. 



Avoid taking bulky hair dryers, styling wands, shampoo conditioner & hairspray. 

These items are far too heavy in a cabin bag. Instead purchase (online) a mini travel hair styling wand, use the hotel’s hairdryer, the hotel shampoo and conditioner.

Once you have settled in, go to the nearest drug store and purchase your choice of shampoo and conditioner with your emollient body moisturiser and sunscreen.

These items can be discarded before your next flight. This slight additional expense will save you the angst of over-weight cabin luggage.

Tip to keep your hair styled for longer:

Pack a silk (not synthetic) pillow-case. This will prevent that ‘birds nest tussled’ look after a deep night’s sleep. 

NB remember to pop the pillow-case in your bag each morning for safe keeping, so it doesn’t get caught up with the bed linen by the cleaners. 

So that’s it for Necessities, now onto Accessories.



Pack packets of panty liners and personal hygiene wipes.

These are a must to keep ‘fresh’ during a long flight



Pack 3-4 scarves of bright colours to compliment ‘lift and ‘pop’ your colour travel wear palette. Include 2-3 glitzy scarves or camisoles for evening.



To prevent a build-up of soiled items during your time away, make a point of washing your undies and tees each evening in the hotel’s shampoo and rinse thoroughly.

Lay each item diagonally across one of the hotel’s towels.

Roll & ‘rope twist’ the towel to release the moisture. Do an extra twist by stamping your foot on one end of the towel while rolling and twisting as hard as you can against the tension.

Hang to dry in the bathroom. The next morning complete the drying process with the hairdryer. 

All these tips, once perfected, will make everyone of your light weight travel experiences a breeze.

Of course the secret to Cabin Bag Travel is to wear Cadarra ,with as many pieces as your travel wear outfit.

Thanks to the styling versatility of Cadarra you can wear a different look each day of your trip

Try several versions of Cadarra as a skirt teamed with a Tee shirt, open shirt over a tank top or the Cadarra Camisole.

All accessorised with jewellery or a scarf. 

The same works when you wear your Cadarra as harem pants or a jumpsuit.

The dress styles flatter all figure shapes and there are endless ‘After 5’ options for any occasion.


Travel in 20 Ways in 20 Days with Cadarra stytling and fill your cabin bag with lightweight fun accessories.



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