Our Scottish Ambassador

Our Scottish Ambassador

TThink inclusivity is important in the fashion world? Then please allow us to introduce you to our Scotland rep, Caitlyn Fulton. Caitlyn is breaking down barriers one photoshoot at a time and all in true [CADARRA] style.

CADARRA has made its way around the world, beautifully on display as Patsy goes globetrotting in style - and with nothing but a 7kg carry-on luggage don't forget! Patsy has the ability to charm everyone so it's no surprise that she has made a friend or two along the way.


One of the people Patsy has crossed paths with is Caitlyn who lives in Scotland. Gorgeous Caitlyn was modelling in a fashion show that CADARRA was invited to take part in and the rest is history. Caitlyn fell in love with CADARRA and we fell in love with Caitlyn. We were honoured to have Caitlyn come on board as a CADARRA affiliate last year and now enjoy watching her go from strength to strength promoting inclusivity in the fashion world and happily taking CADARRA along for the ride.

Caitlyn recently modelled in a fashion show titled 'I Am More Than'. The show was directed by an agency by the same name that specialises in inclusivity in fashion and advertising. 'Inclusivity' is something that gets talked about a lot but we still seem to be waiting for widespread change. Thanks to Caitlyn and 'I Am More Than' we feel we are getting closer than ever to true inclusivity. CADARRA is for everyone, as is a personal style and the enjoyment of fashion. We believe CADARRA is an amazing garment that is versatile for able-bodied women and those with varying abilities. But let's hear what Caitlyn has to say about that...

  •  How did you connect with the I Am More Than team?

I found out about ‘I Am More Than’ through my modelling agency as they had informed me of a fashion show all about diversity which was taking place in Edinburgh, run by them. I then made contact with the founders, as to why I would be suitable and it didn’t take long for me to hear back from them that I would be taking part!

  • What was it that made you want to work with them?

I wanted to work with them as ‘I Am More Than’ is a project founded by two fellow Scottish models, Rosalind Main and Morgan Mctiernan. Their aim by creating this campaign is that everyone is included within the fashion industry, breaking down the barriers, celebrating all shapes and sizes, disability or differences and so it was a no brainer really, I am passionate about disabled rights and believe in equality for everyone and so doing what I love by modelling and having a positive message behind this campaign is brilliant.

  • Of all the brands you have to choose from, why did you choose to represent Cadarra in this catwalk?

Rosalind and Morgan were looking for designers/fashion brands to take part and I thought CADARRA would be a great addition. Not only to get the name out there within Scotland but to show the brilliant versatility within the design element which also fit in with the diversity/inclusion element. CADARRA really can be worn by anyone with having no zips or fasteners and can suit all different body shapes and sizes.

  • Is there anything you wish for brands to know about fashion for people with varying abilities?

We all have a fashion sense. Disability or difference doesn't matter, we all want to look stylish in our own way. It’s time brands realised this and became inclusive in their own way as we want the same exciting shopping experiences as able-bodied people! Fashion brands could even ask people with differences to try on clothes they have for a potential line to see if they would be suitable.

Since the fashion show, I have worked with the team on a photo shoot all about being more than a first impression, I loved the experience and look forward to the next campaign.

Caitlyn is a CADARRA affiliate and is selling the range as our UK representative. If you're in the UK and would be interested in buying CADARRA, Caitlyn is your girl! Reach out or follow Caitlyn's journey on Instagram here.

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