Just checking in to say hi.

As I have been asking everyone, I make contact with, I truly trust Covid 19 has not too greatly impacted on you and
those you love.

Through all the upheaval we have been experiencing I hope all is well in your world, or as well as it can be.

Peter and I have used our downtime to revamp CADARRA. To do so we have engaged a fabulous Marketing
Strategist who is guiding us along the way.  Lots of stimulating ideas which make so much sense and the
implementation of these ideas is sure keeping us busy.

Like millions of businesses CADARRA has been affected by this pandemic.

Over the years our main sales thrust has been weekend Sydney Fashion Markets (Paddington and more
recently Mosman). These markets are now closed until further notice.

Covid has been an awakening for many. We now need to re-focus our main source of growth. We need to
expand and diversify.  This is our loud and clear message

We now need to focus our energy on further improving our online presence.   We are thrilled that we are attracting
growing attention on social media from our loving CADARRA Community on both the CADARRA and my own
personal pages.  However, to build a sustainable business we need to ’break new ground’ and attract interest
outside of this immediate circle.


To achieve this I am asking for your help.

Please be assured this is not a sales pitch. I am seeking your help to create awareness of the versatility and sustainability of CADARRA.

As a valued CADARRA supporter (Frock Friend) I would love you to come on the CADARRA journey with me.

I am asking you to share the love of CADARRA to a wider audience.   As I always say “I don’t SELL CADARRA,
Interested customers BUY CADARRA”.
This can happen on the day the brand is first introduced to a potential customer or many weeks later when she has an event or a trip away where CADARRA will ‘fit the bill’

We want more fashion conscience women to know how CADARRA can solve their many fashion styling problems.
Whether it be travelling light (who doesn’t want to eliminate heavy luggage? or going on a weekend getaway with
just a tote bag?), reducing fashion waste or adding a stylish versatile piece to their wardrobe.

Having a great fashion product without fashion conscience women knowing about it doesn’t make sense.

During your ‘spare’ time could you please take on a task for me?

There are three ways I am asking for your involvement and help in spreading the love of CADARRA.

1. GET SOCIAL AND ‘FROCK UP ‘IN CADARRA                                                                                                                                   I’m asking you to wear your CADARRA in your favourite style with your favourite accessories and take a photo.            Post the photo on your Face Book / Instagram page using #@cadarra                                                                    Accompany the photo with a few words about your CADARRA story.
Following  is an example to get you started:
           “Hey everyone during isolation I had fun experimenting styling my CADARRA and just wanted to share           its        versatility with you ………. here’s my story……….”

How you found out about CADARRA
How you have styled CADARRA
How you feel when wearing CADARRA
With a few words emphasise the versatility of CADARRA and describe the occasions or places you have worn your       CADARRA and what it is about the brand that you love.

Tell us about your CADARRA story (as above) and leave a review on our Face Book page.

Email us an image of you wearing CADARRA at an event or on a previous trip, be it a weekend away or a holiday nationally or internationally. (I have a few conceptual ideas around for a later date).

I hope you take this request in the spirit in which it is intended. By spreading the CADARRA love now, once we are back to some sort of ‘normal’ we will have less trouble re-establishing the brand, if more people know about it,

Thanks for taking the time to read my ‘long’ email (as you know brevity both orally and in the written word is not one of my strengths !!)

For those who have received this letter previously I do apologise. My intention was to send to each of you
separately. However, going through our database has taken much longer than planned and avoiding those who
I have already contacted was far too difficult a task for this technology klutz!!!

STYLING  TIPS:  Always remember if you need any assistance with styling  your CADARRA please feel free to
contact me. If practicable we can arrange a Styling Session in your home or via ZOOM.  The purpose is for you
to wear your CADARRA and not have it stored in your suitcase in readiness for when travel again becomes
part of our lives.

Take care, keep safe and healthy and use this time to re access your lifestyle in a positive way.

I look forward to hearing from you should you have any ideas to further spread the love of CADARRA.


  • xx

Latest Photoshoot


We had a CADARRA photoshoot recently, in readiness to do online ads.  Below is a sneak peak of the
gorgeous Carole looking fabulous in our Little Frock with Benefits:


The Stlyes

As the photoshoot happened the styles just kept coming in fact we lost count with the number of variations for CADARRA.


Upcoming events

For those that need a refresh on Styling your CADARRA we will be having online styling sessions very soon - let us know if you are interested as we are laying out a prefered schedule.

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